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Tezos Faucet: Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions shall manage your use of this website and your participation in and usage of the Tezos Foundation’s Faucet ("Faucet"). The Faucet allows developers and users to request from the Tezos Foundation Tezos tokens (XTZ) to be used on the Tezos main network.

By requesting XTZ, you accept the following terms and conditions. You must not request XTZ if you disagree with any of these terms and conditions.

2.General Provisions and Notes

XTZ received from the Faucet are a donation according to Art. 239ff of the Swiss Code of Obligations by the Tezos Foundation.

The Faucet has a limited number of XTZ available. Every person is only allowed to request one (1) XTZ from the Faucet. You are responsible to ensure that you enter the correct public key hash (tz1 address). The Tezos Foundation reserves the right to immediately stop the Faucet or ban you or a specific user from using the Faucet in case of any abusive behaviour.

3.Exclusion of Warranties

To the extent permitted under applicable law, and except as expressly provided to the contrary in writing by the Tezos Foundation, the XTZ is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis. You do not have any right or claim against the Tezos Foundation to receive any XTZ.

You hereby expressly agree that the Tezos Foundation or its affiliated parties do not accept any liability for any loss, including loss of any (future) profits, resulting from receipt of the XTZ or their use by you, regardless of the basis, upon which the liability is claimed.

Any and all receipts of XTZ through the Faucet are final and non-refundable. By agreeing to receive the XTZ, you acknowledge that neither the Tezos Foundation nor any other of its affiliated parties are required to provide a refund for any reason, and that you will not receive or demand money or other compensation for any XTZ that is not used or remains unused for any reason. You understand and expressly agree that the Tezos Foundation shall not guarantee in any way that you will be able to sell or transfer the XTZ during or after the receipt.

You understand and agree that it is your sole obligation to ensure compliance with any legislation relevant to your country of citizenship, residency or domicile concerning the receipt of the XTZ, and that the Tezos Foundation will not accept any liability for any illegal or unauthorized use of the receipt of the XTZ. In case of any change in legislation in your country of citizenship, residency or domicile which makes the receipt of or the XTZ itself illegal, you agree to cease the XTZ immediately and absorb any possible losses arising out of the same. You agree to be solely responsible for any applicable taxes imposed on the XTZ that you propose to receive and/or purchase hereunder.

4.Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

You agree that all matters relating to the Faucet, including all disputes, will be governed by Swiss law. All disputes regarding the Faucet are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Zug, Switzerland.

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